Stop Thinking & Let it Pass

We all have our struggles.
We all are fighting our own battles and perhaps will do so from time & again.

We have good times & We have bad times.
That’s the law of nature.

Everything we see around us is governed by two laws i.e law of relativity & law of duality.

Relativity tells that everything we see or do or happens to us or is done to us is relative. 

Duality teaches us of dual nature of things, if there is good then there will be be bad, if there are electrons then are protons also, if there is matter then there is anti matter. The best example of duality is Newton’s Third law of motion i.e for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Now, coming to the thing known as “Big Words” & “Lies

We have our good times and our down times, sometimes the word spell is used, specially when a person is going through a down time. But, it also happens that this spell can sometimes last for long, very long and may run into years. At this time especially, when our bad period has run into years, all psychology, all words, all talk and support by those around us, seems nothing but just some mere bunch of “Big Words” & “Lies“.

Words or quotes such have faith, as Bad time eventually passes, sun may set but it rises again, there is light after the dark, the whole universe will conspire to let things fall in place have no meaning when you are undergoing a long bad period consisting of trouble, pain.

There is actually no remedy for this that will work. 

The only thing to do is…



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