School Chalain Hum

Hat’s off and bow to these kids.

Coming from high up in the mountains to study in the school.



School Chalain Hum” translation “We are Going School“.

This is a School in Gushaini Village, (Himachal Pradesh, India) located at an altitude of  1500m or 4900 feet approximately.

So, what’s with this school?

School Kids Coming Down from Mountains, walking through a trail from the forests
That’s Something Worth giving a standing ovation.

And mind it, it not easy coming down on foot, from a rocky, unpaved terrain.
And There is Both Ascending & Descending the Mountain.

And Then After coming down the Mountains

Cute, isn’t it?, The Innocent Looks

I want to go down and play

And Smiles, While Studying

The girl in pink, doing a Namastey, a traditional Indian Way to greet someone and I was a stranger to these kids

There is someone studying seriously

The Victory Sign and Smiles. And Someone is not bothered, What concentration, seriously studying

Let’s us give a standing…

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