The Painting, The Painter & The People

This Story of The Painting & The Painter is applicable to all of us. Almost each one of must have experienced what this painter experienced.

This Painter teaches us, how to face all, when all point mistakes in you.


Some time back I heard this story, I didn’t catch the name of this story but got the meaning, what this story wanted to convey.

There was once a brilliant painter and he decided to create his masterpiece, something different, something he had never done before. It took him some time but he finally made it. This painter now decided to take view of people as he believed that no artist is considered successful if his/her supporters, benefactors don’t support or like his/her work.

So, this painter placed his painting at a public places with a box of pins and a note saying,” Dear All, If you find any mistake in the painting, there is a box of pins kept here, please point it out”.

Next day when the painter came back he found his painting covered all over with pins. The painter understandably was dejected and feeling down…

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