Women: Creator’s Hand

Mother’s Day just passed on 14th May. And this is a post dedicated to all women, who is not only just a mother but much more

A woman is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and perhaps the best friend a person can get. A woman gives life and anything that gives is no less than God. And as a saying goes,” God couldn’t be everybody so God created mother”. A woman carries out so many roles and yet she does not get the respect and love she deserves.

Women represent half of the world’s population and yet they represent a very small percent of the force contributing economically, socially & politically. Twenty Five Years back inequality between men and women was widely apparent. Though, today things have improved in some respects but sadly this is mostly true for rich and developed countries. In many low and middle income countries large gaps still remain and they will remain unless we ensure women empowerment in its true form. In these low and middle income countries women have less opportunity to shape their lives and make decisions. It is not that a women can’t do they can do the best and as Margaret Thatcher rightly said,” If you want something to be said, ask a man and if you want something to be done, ask a woman”.

It is said, “A Women controls the purse strings”.  There exists a direct relation between spending and economic growth, if we want more spending and more economic growth, we need to empower women. Poverty is an evil that exists in our society and girls and women are the main victims. Both, girls and women make up a large chunk of population trying to make a living leading them to dangerous and dark paths. There are too many women that are underutilized and over-exploited.

When a child is born he/she doesn’t know anything of the world outside. It is woman who teaches that child, nurtures that child. In short a woman is our first teacher and as an African saying goes, “If you educate a boy, you train a man. If you educate a girl, you train a village”. A woman stands for her family in all the circumstances, a woman tries to earn for her family so that her family has a healthy life. How can we leave a teacher who teaches how to walk, how to talk from important decisions?

And in women we have a leader. She is the one who knows what is and what will be. Increasing women’s representation in the government can empower women. There are many assumptions about women, which varies from one society to other but mostly they have the same conclusion, Women can’t do it and they are not meant for it. When women get the chance to lead, they actually do lead and they lead better. We have ample evidence of this.

In short, women is an architect of our society and one shouldn’t disdain on the creator for if we do then  there will be nothing left for us to live in and live for. Today, we see some women in important positions economically, socially and politically but has anyone asked them how they reached the position they are in now. Everybody must have had something to tell about their fight to reach where they are. Things are changing but they are just not good enough, we need to do a lot more. We say, “This is 21st century and we are a developed society, but are we really?” A society that does not respect women will cease to exist, may be not today, not tomorrow but very soon…

Respect All


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