Teachers of Life, Leh Chapter

Everyday, we come across people, who we can call

Teachers of Life
 Leh Chapter

I met two amazing people in Leh, one was Rizing Hangdu and the other name, I missed to ask but I call him the Lifter.

IMG_0405Rizing Hangdu from hereon, Rizing Dada is about 70 years old and has been looking after the Shey Palace since a long time. He has been there at Shey Palace, since he was a kid. When, I was at Shey Palace, the outside temperature was -15 Deg C and I was at an altitude of  11500 feet and at this altitude the effective oxygen is 13.5% ( too low). I was exploring around the Shey Palace, when I came at the door of the monastery, the door was locked, as I was about to turn away, Rizing Dada came to me and asked, “You want to see the monastery”. I nodded my head, he opened the doors and started talking to me about various things. Once, I moved out Rizing Dada  moved out and close the doors.
Rizing Dada taught me about “Dedication & Attention”

I met the Lifter at the Shey Place. When I first saw him he was carrying a huge bundle of woods up from the stairs. I looked at him and before I could speak a word , he  said that he was coming all the way from 300 kms away to the Shey Palace, just to bring wood for prayer at the Shey Palace Monastery. And mind you it is not easy to walk for a short distance at a high altitude (11500 feet in this case) and sub zero temperature of -15 Deg C , let alone going up the stairs and the monastery of Shey Palace was at the top of the palace.
The Lifter taught me that “Age is no bar and there is power in you; you just have to use it”

I am sure we all meet some special teachers in our lives, do share your stories with all.


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