Mumbai, is the business capital of India. Life in Mumbai is fast and one would wonder, what keeps Mumbai Running, what is Mumbai’s Lifeline and some may answer by saying Mumbai’s Local Train, Best Buses.

But, there is another to that
It’s People and The Respect

These days, once you start earning and getting a place in the society,you forget a basic i.e. showing respect to not just those around but also to the strangers walking along with you.

These days, you think that you have a place in a society and that is far above that of         a janitor, a canteen worker, a bus conductor, a cobbler and the list goes on…

You, wonder,  and think and want to meet just a few who have not forgotten to show respect, you don’t find many


Sometimes, you meet a big lot showing respect to people of all genres
The City of Mumbai showed me, what I have always wanted to see

Unknown persons/strangers call the lady working in Canteen as Mausi ( Meaning Like Mother/Mother’s Sister)

Passersby, if they need any sort of help, call a middle aged man walking on a road being as Kaka ( Meaning Father’s Brother)

You pay Rs 20 to an auto driver in Mumbai and if the fare is Rs. 19, you are returned Rs 1 back. You only take what’s rightfully yours

Irrespective of the color, caste, creed and sect, respect to People
These days, we miss this a Lot. Yes, you find people of all types everywhere

But for what I saw

Respect & Kudos to Mumbai


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