Life & Death

Yes, Death is certain but to reach the certain there are certain events one needs to traverse through.

For Example
What do you see in the photograph above,
it’s a blurry image, right
but how it was made blurry?
Certain settings in your device and you have your shot, but this shot is not clear, the message, the subject etc.

Now look, this is the same blurry shot with some different settings, better, definitely better

So, what are these settings, let us call these settings as checkpoints.
Certain changes in checkpoints and we have a good shot

In terms of life, these checkpoints are important events in our lives
friends, family, Moments, Our Personal Setup etc.

You do travel, don’t you, but why do you travel, despite the fact that this travel is going to end and that you will be in so called boring. This is only because journey is important.

There are certain things that are bound to happen, you can’t escape them but then you can make things memorable.

Because, on your last day if you re-live that journey of yours and it brings smile to you; just think about it, you came to this world crying and you are leaving smiling.

What do you call this?

This is all about living
This is about living when we say, what is the point in living when death is certain


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