The Story of Two Ps

Each one of us wants to be Happy. Each one of us wants to be like this bird in the sky  and fly high. But if we wish to fly high we need to let go the weight, like this bird.
This bird lost its weight so that it can fly.

Sometimes we meet people, who by means of their words change our outlook of certain things
Sometime we meet people,who by means of their actions change our outlook of certain things

This Outlook for me at least I can say is “The Story of Two Ps
And for Me these two Ps are…

Position and Paisa
(Where Position is your status in your career, society etc. and Paisa is Money)

It all happened when a few of us strangers were on trip to a remote and secluded place.
No cell phone signal
Nearest Human settlement was at least 25 KM away

We were talking about what we do in your life, our career, the pressure’s we face in our jobs and how each one is running or trying to run like a horse ( without looking left or right, as a horse can only look straight) and then we do meet people that change our outlook , something just came up, just two words i.e. position or paisa

Just a simple question, what do you actually need to survive and live a decent and happy life. Is it position or paisa?
I think there will be mixed answers but I think almost all will agree with the Latter

 Case 1 – You have a position but no paisa

Case 2-  You may not have a high position in terms of career or society but you have the paisa, not huge volumes but decent enough to have a decent lifestyle.

Case 3- You have both position and paisa

Case 1 needs no answer. Position doesn’t fill your stomach and of those around you

I think you will be very happy when its case when you have decent paisa, you will be able to live a life, eat at a good hotel, travel to nice places, help those in need in whatever way you can etc.

Now if we talk of Case 3, some might argue that position also brings paisa, yes that can be true but this is both a Mirage and a Paradox.
You have a big position and lots of Paisa, Do you really think you will be happy?
Think Again.
If your answer is yes, then I take a bow

But, almost all the populace is running and fighting the race of Position and Paisa and we are losing because… ( left for each one of us to fill)


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    To seek the ultimate goal of “Being Happy”, What is Important, Money or Power?


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