Original Laugh



We are born, We Cry
That’s Original
We are Growing Up, We are Naughty
That’s Original
We Meet a Person, Fall in Love
That’s Original
We are tired, We Die
That’s Original

We live our lives but  we should not Just live but live LIVE . There are many things in our that we do originally, that being said there are many others that we do are not original.

Everybody Laughed, I also Laughed
That’s Original?
Is It?

When was last time you laughed that it hurt your stomach, not figuratively but literally your stomach did hurt?

When was last time you laughed that tears came out from your eyes, not figuratively but literally in joy?

I am sure many of us don’t have an answer to that. An joyous event transpires, everybody laughs, and  you don’t want to be a spoilsport so you also laugh, everybody is happy to laugh but are You?

It is not that some don’t want to laugh in original, everybody wants to laugh in original, always, all the time. We may be thinking about that perfect moment to laugh but that perfect moment might never come. You may get a 100 percentile in your exam but you may or may not  have scored full marks.

Make an original laugh, even for the smallest things
Celebrate your small occasions, even if you are alone

Words are easy to say and write but an action is difficult
But, Trying is Free and everybody loves when good things come Free

P.S: Vertical Dots above in stanza are left so intentionally for each one of us to fill what is needed originally.

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