What do we see in the photograph above?

Yes, that’s right

But what else?

Santa, carrying gifts
Yes,that’s also right

But what else?

Santa, hiding the face while carrying the gifts

“Santa, hiding the face”, that’s strange, everybody loves Santa and wants to make a wish, so that Santa can fulfill it.

The question is ,”Why does a Santa needs to hide his/her face?”

Everyday, in our lives we meet people that are the silent workers/helpers. These people come in our lives, help us, without us even knowing and then quietly go away and we just get down with our happiness forgetting about that special person as we never gave much attention to that person. We are just so Happy that we don’t even think how we got our stuff. It is only the courtesy of  this hidden and secretive Santa, that came, helped us, made us smile and quietly went away.  These people, The Anonymous Greats & The Silent Workers are a gift of Santa to us. Santa can’t be there all the time for over 7 billion on this planet so Santa created these special people. It is not that Santa is active only around Christmas but Santa is active year around by the means of these people.

But, one may think, who doesn’t want an applause or a praise for doing something for the other people. The answer is, there always are some people who are different and sooner or later, different scares the people, so these people choose to be like a phantom, the only thing is that we normally don’t see a phantom but these phantom’s we can see. These Phantoms will be very happy once something good is done for them but they will never ask for anything.

For us, the moment we find about these phantom’s we must honor them without fail, always and all the time.

P.S: Photo Credits Photo Bucket

3 Comments Add yours

  1. YellowCable says:

    These people are true hero.


    1. Yes, these people wont say anything, will just do good for the other person and go away. But, in the end everyone is a human, a little appreciation is good.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sukanyaarora says:

    What a brilliant expression! You brought the hidden Santas to the fore. Keep writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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