If Only…Rewind

We wish a lot many things for ourselves, our wishes are mostly different as each one of us is unique and different.

If there is one thing that is common and that almost all of wish,what would that be?   
If Only, There was a Rewind Button


We all have done certain things in life that we would like to undo or correct. By our actions of past we may have caused pain to others or the actions of others may have caused pain to us. In the present we often think, If only, there was a Rewind.

I came
I saw
I did/He Did/She Did/They Did
It hurt
If only, there was a Rewind
If Only…

Unfortunately, Time only moves forward. At times it is said,”Time Stopped”, but time never stops, it is only we stop ourselves.Yes, if the past hurts, there is pain in present and there may be pain in future.In this age of digital world of 1s and 0s, computer languages teach us something, an if-then-else loop. Probably, languages know there is no If but there is If-Then-Else as only If means no answer and all of us need answers and not too many questions.

But, we are humans, I & You may just wake up in middle of thinking…
If Only, there was a Rewind…
If Only…

P.S: Photo Credit Photo Bucket

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