Trust: Who, How Much & When

I met a person, I like that person, I trust that person
That person helps me in need/That person betrayed me

Should I Trust Anyone?
I won’t be able to Trust anyone Again

Trust, is a very important factor for us humans and without trust, life for us humans would be very difficult, almost impossible. Men & Women are social animals, they need friends, family & people  to survive and hence follows the Trust.

Trust is important but there should always be three questions in front of us

” How Much?”

Let me tell you an interesting narration, an uncle of mine told me. My Uncle, started his career as a Civil Engineer and his job basically covered building dams, canals etc. One day his colleague, lets say Mr. A came to him and he wanted to learn how to use  “Dumpy Level”, an instrument to measure level. My uncle gladly taught Mr. A how to use “Dumpy Level “. A few days later when my uncle was on a dam site, Mr. A came along with the site in-charge and the site in-charge wanted to check  “Dumpy Level” of all working on the site. Site In-charge instructed Mr. A to check the correctness of “Dumpy Level ” for all. Mr. A came to my uncle, tried to act bossy and told my uncle, “You are using using the instrument incorrectly”. My uncle said, “No, I am using it correctly”. Mr. A checked checked the instrument again and repeated, “You are using this instrument incorrectly”. Now, the Site Engineer was standing nearby only, he came to my uncle, checked the Instrument, smiled at Mr. A  and told my uncle,”Everything is Fine”, and everyone standing there but Mr. A understood  everything. That night Mr. A came to my uncle and asked, “Please Tell me now, how did it happen that when you and everybody checked everything was fine but when I checked Instrument turned to be faulty”. My uncle smiled I said, ” I trust people, but how much is up to me because I know there are and there will always be people like, my uncle added when I and others checked the “Dumpy Level” it was on a hard surface i.e. no level error and when you were checking the “Dumpy Level” it was on a soft surface and that means an error of few millimeters”.

Now, what did we learn here?

Yes, trust is important and so are the three questions,”Who, How Much & When?” Yes, trusting self is most important and supreme but we humans are perhaps the most complicated intelligent species known till date. We humans think something else, will do something else and will finally end up do something else. There is nothing as “Full Trust”, but the highest trust point goes to “Your Shadow” as it will show your actions, your shadow won’t think but it will honest in what it is reflecting. Next follows you yourself, next follows friends & family and so on. On a scale of 0-10, where 0 being lowest and 10 being highest, I would define the trust as:-

10: No such thing
9: Your Shadow
8: You Yourself
7: Family & Friends
And So On

So, always remember, three things “Who?”, ” How Much?” & “When?”, as there are always and there will always be people like Mr. A and Mr. A can be anybody, even we can be Mr. A at times.

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