It’s OK

My fate & my future is in my hands and so I always look at my hands and try to figure out my future, I saw a successful person with no hands.

To achieve something  I have to run quickly, get ahead of others and be the first one,    I saw a person ahead of all others with no legs.

Praised someone for beautiful eyes, in my praise I said there is nothing more beautiful then these eyes and I would want to dive in this beauty, I saw a beautiful person with no eyes.

There are many things each one of us wants to achieve, we get some, some get all and some get nothing but in the end we should learn to tell ourselves, “It’s OK”.

Because accepting and moving on, gives us knowledge, knowledge gives us wisdom, wisdom gives us peace and there is knowledge all around, the answer to all our questions is all around.

And if you try to expand OK, you may think of many things

OK is omnipresent knowledge

 It’s important to pat yourself on the back and say, “It’s ok”. Yes, there will be many failures and there may only be failures for a long time, there will be pain, but time and again it’s ok to tell yourself that it’s ok ,for there is always some OK.

Your tears may dry out in your pain, but look towards the sky, close your eyes, clear your mind and tell yourself, It’s OK.

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