I am like this

Why I am like this?
Why can’t I look at things the way most people do?
Why can’t I act like everybody around me?
Why don’t I smile, a real smile I mean?
Am I Normal?

There are people who look at things in a different way, they are shy, they are pure, they have difficulty in talking to people, and they wan’t to talk to people.

The thing is “You are Different” 

Being different scares those around you and that is why you want to be away from the crowd because you don’t know how the people will react, and mostly almost always people think of you as a freak or a weird.

Different people get attached,when they meet someone who talks to them openly and likes what is being said. Different people say the first thing that comes to their mind about this new person in their life and when these things turn out to be true, the different think that he/she can talk to other people and things aren’t so bad. The different get more attached to this new person in their life. It is only because the different people have a very small no of people in their life, they try to talk often to their new friend. And this “often” creates confusing statements, and it is then when something bad happens, the other person who showed interest in the different person thinks about this different person as a Fake. A Fake…The Final result- a heightened sense of the different people to be away from people, in order words Anthropophobia.

The word, “A Fake”, rings bells, irritation follows and a good life, not just a good but a brilliant life in search of a new life going down, getting wasted. Because, you are different, you can’t come straight to the point while talking to the aforementioned new person. Unlike some others who can be straight and Unlike the remaining you can’t create a conducive environment for talking to other person, putting forward your point in front of others.

The thing is “You are Different & It’s Different for You” 

P.S: Photo Courtesy Photo Bucket

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  1. It’s ok to be different 😉 Nicely said!


    1. Thanks for this. Glad that you liked it. It’s OK

      Liked by 1 person

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