Past, Present, and Future

We come into this world as a baby and from day 1 we start creating some wonderful moments for our family. As time progresses we grow up and, there is school, college, friends, job etc. and this is just pretty much the standard. Sometimes there is a logical explanation to the way things transpire in our life and at times there are certain events that are beyond any logical explanation, it could be the things that happen to us or the people that happen to us/we meet.

From the day we are born till the day we die we meet many people, some turn out to be mere acquaintances, some turn out to be good friends and some become an important part of our lives. Time-the past, the present and the future, each is linked to one another, linked by the things we do and the people we meet and we the invisible connections only toward the end. Life is always “The How & The Why” ?

We may have met someone in the past and the relation to that person in the past may just have been as an acquaintance, then suddenly, one fine day few years down the line you just stumble onto that person again and you start talking, and start talking a lot and start clicking a lot together. What is even surprising that things, which were not in your favor for a long time start to turn in your favor ever since you started to talk with your acquaintance of the past and a buddy of the present. It makes you wonder, why the past was like this that you didn’t talk a lot and why the present is like this that you talk a lot?

Only future will tell, how and why the past happened in a way that leads to the present and the future.

A big conundrum…

Life has always been the biggest mystery and none has ever been able to unlock. To understand life their is no master key but there are unique keys for each and every situation. Certain things just happen to us, certain people just happen to us. Something didn’t happen in the past doesn’t mean a Why? but it means that something had to happen now and not then.

The journey is always important because in the end when you are about to say a final good bye and you reminiscence the past, it will all come to you, you will smile and say that’s why. Things that happened to you,things that you didn’t like then, could have been the best things that could have happened to you and the people who were your mere acquaintances turn out to be important part of our lives. It is now only in the end that The Past, The Present & The Future came together to reveal all to you.

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