Forgive But Don’t Forget

We are born, We Live & We Die

During our lives we encounter pain, sorrow, smiles, fights, rough talks & many other things. We meet people that either take us to Cloud 9 or bring us down to inverted Cloud 9.

There is a reason for everything that happens around us, most of the times we miss the reasons  and it is only after many years down the line when we are dying we see the reasons. These reasons were always there with us all the time but we didn’t see them as we were busy thinking or rather over-thinking and when we over-think we don’t forgive but forget.

My grandfather taught me a very important life lesson, “Forgive but don’t forget”. We may get harmed or let down by things or people around us, we may also harm or let down those around us. The problem arises because we don’t forgive and that causes pain, we don’t have to forgive others but also ourselves. That being said, we shouldn’t forget our actions.

History repeats itself is a common notion when something bad in the history repeats itself in the present. But, actually it is not the history that repeats itself, it is actually us people who make the history repeat because we forget, we forget to learn from our mistakes. That is why it is important to not forget but forgive as forgiving gives us the power to move ahead and moving ahead was important, is important and will always be important.

Think Again…Forgive But Don’t Forget

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  1. You are absolutely right. I think everyone takes mistake mistakenly.
    If we forgive he learns that he is doing something wrong. And next time he doesn’t do anything bad. So forgive a way of growing.

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    1. Forgiving but at the same time not forgetting.

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