The Anonymous Greats

Each one of us has heard some amazing lines or quotes by some known great people or some anonymous great people. Some of us got so much inspired by these words or lines that with sheer courage & determination something extraordinary was achieved.

Almost all of us have known about the great faces & names that have come up over the past centuries. But then, there are always some who like to work in obscure or seclusion. Yes, success and fame will  always follow these anonymous greats but somehow these anonymous greats tend to dodge away from all this fame.

The question is, ” Do Anonymous Greats Really Exist”? 

The Answer is “YES”

If all of us take a few moments from our so called busy life and start to observe, we will see that these anonymous greats walk & sit among us each day. Each day these people behave like us on the outside but on the inside they do something for us without the drum beating and without saying anything just to make us happy.

Take for example about being Humble. It is said, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. Achieving something big and yet staying humble so that others around who couldn’t achieve don’t feel bad or dejected.

Another example is of those people who protect others, even those unknown to them. None of us is a stranger and our lives are linked to each other. Best example is go on facebook and see for yourself that you know an unknown through someone known.

Let us put our hands together and say thank you to these people.


P.S: Photo Credits Photo Bucket

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