The Joyous People


When in work, on a street, on a bus, on a travel, on a vacation or in life we see a person laughing, enjoying, doing banters , joyous abusing we think how can a person be like this. If we are not doing this laughing, this bantering etc. and some other person is doing that, then do we really want the other person to be like us. And if somehow that person changes and really stops of this stuff then it is not our wish coming true but it rather means a big loss, an irreparable loss to the entire world.

There are very few people who really enjoy their life, life their life in the present, enjoy the present. It is ok to be boisterous, it’s ok to be joyous, it’s ok to laugh, it’s ok enjoy…

You are not dead for you to be serious…

We often think of super-heroes/super-heroines from movies such as Captain America, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Thor, Batman, Superman but there is none super-hero/super-heroine  bigger than these Joyous People, The Real Super Powers…

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