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Almost all of us know about Walt Disney & The Disney we see today. But how many of us know that Walt Disney was Dyslexic i.e. he had difficulty in reading, writing and understanding words.  As anybody and everybody is special & unique and so was Walt Disney.

Walt Disney loved colors, irrespective of what was happening around him, Walt Disney filled colors in his life and today we can say that he has filled colours in all our lives also.

Cartoons teach us a lot of Life Lessons and my standout favourite by miles, Duck Tales & Talespin. Both, of these cartoons teach us very small aspects that we leave, there is fun, there is adventure, there are the bad guys, troubled times but then there are the family and the friends.

Take for example Duck Tales.


Uncle Scrooge, the richest duck in the world, what would he be, if there were no Hewey, Dewey, Lewey, Mrs. Bekeley, Little Webby, Duckworth, Launchpad, Giaro in his life for there is always bad and people like Flintheart Glomgold, Magica The Spell & The Beagle Boys in and around us, sometimes we know who about these people and seomtimes we don’t.

Hewey, Dewey, Lewey naughty, yet life is incomplete without them, Mrs. Bekeley- the caring mother, webby- the little talking girl ( remember the Dinosaur episode where she made the cave ducks cry), The Crashes of Launchpad Mcquack or Launchpad Mccrash and off course the brilliant Giaro, each and everybody plays a role here. We may have troubles and in the end it is only these people who stand by us and the matter the most to us, it is important what these people think of us, do hell with what others think of you. Remember the episode, where Scrooge was portrayed as an impostor,  and who all stood by him.

We all strive to achieve something and so did uncle scrooge but he never let go his shares of adventures, treasure expeditions, his fun times with family. And off course who can forget, the junior wutchuk guide book, the repertoire of knowledge.

Would Uncle Scrooge had survived and remained had these people not been in his life.

Take another example of Talespin.


Shrewd people like SherKhan,the business mogul, like Don Karnaj, the pirate are always there to screw and play with our lives for their own benefit but then we have Baloo, Ritika, Kit, Bunter, Louie, sweet little Dolly by our side. Your friends and family are always there for your rescue but if there are no family and friends left you are screwed. It’s ok to have a party and enjoyment with someone like Louie, don’t think about serious as you are serious only when you are dead.

Whatever anybody says or thinks, these animated cartoon characters teach us more than what real life characters teach us. Whenever, you are down with something, just pickup a cartoon you love and watch it over and over…

P.S: Photo Credits PhotoBucket & Disney.

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  1. Curlygirlabroad says:

    I didn’t know about this, thank you for sharing!


    1. Whenever you find time, just watch a few episodes of Duck Tales Cartoon. I watched one fifteen years back and I still watch and have these in my phone. I think you will like it
      P.S: There is an episode in which there features a chocolate factory 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Curlygirlabroad says:

        Oh nice 😛


  2. Reblogged this on forlivinglive and commented:

    There is a kid in all of us, even when we are 70+ and that kid should never die. We used to watch cartoons ( some of us still watch); and all of us at some point must have realized that Cartoons teach us a lot about life and how to live the life


  3. Shayra says:

    It’s interesting .My all time favourite is Tom and Jerry ,but I have watched few episodes of Duck Tales Cartoon ,a long time ago .It was good .Watching Cartoon can also be act like a medicine for Depressed peoples.


    1. Watching Cartoon is like a medicine without side effects and in case you wish, here is the google drive link to duck tales ( episodes in hindi) ,

      Liked by 1 person

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