Don’t just live but live LIVE


Life is a complex conundrum and very few understand and face the complex conundrums to find out ways, not just to smile and live LIVE but also to make others smile and live LIVE.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t help and give love and respect to others if you are not happy on the inside. You may try to be happy but in reality you are not doing justice to yourself and to the people you are helping.

Life is not just getting born, going to school, going to college, getting a job, getting married, having kids, watching them grow up, watching them get married, playing with your grandkids and then die…

I do love writing mystery and suspense genre but I have learnt that there is no mystery and suspense bigger than life, so here I am with this short account and I think account is a true story for almost all of us, short, yet true.


  1. The New Beginning
  1. Into the World
  1. A Little Higher
  1. The First Hit
  1. It’s Ok
  1. Just a few more years
  1. Something Professional
  1. Reality
  1. Do It


 The New Beginning

When a child is born, it cries for the first time, a new beginning to a new life. Not all newborns are lucky but if the child is a lucky one to have a family, then all related to this child gather around to have a glimpse of the innocence.

When this child opens its eyes there is everything new in front of this child. All the people around this child look at this child,laugh and enjoy and this newborn keeps looking at all these people. This newborn, away from the complexities each one of us face in our lives goes back to sleep unaware of what, how and why of life.

And we name our baby to be “Lucky” here.

A few months have passed and our Lucky has now learned to smile, not only while awake but smile also in his sleep. The inquisitive, innocent wide-eyed look of all newborns including Lucky seeks answers to everything around. Though this child may be giving sleepless nights to his parents but this child is a source of smile for many who may be engulfed with issues of life.

Lucky, like other newborns is making everyone around happy, indeed doing a great work.

This sweet little kid has now learned to crawl and just doesn’t want to be tied down and actively wants to be at all places. Parents now have a big task at their hand, to look after this crawling baby and also learn the skill-set to make this child eat as this child has now started to eat.

It is said that “Time flows quickly” but actually these three words are just a part of a much bigger sentence…

“Time flows quickly when it wants to”

This only happens when one is happy.

These are happy moments for the new parents and so time is flowing quickly, their baby has moved on from crawling to walking. Falling but getting up again and walking again, an important thing we just miss as we move ahead in our lives.

Speaking in garbled words this baby makes us speak garbled and we loose ourselves up, and we become a carefree and a bubbly person when Lucky is around and who doesn’t like a bubbly person. Everybody wants to be happy; this newborn baby did not decide on his first day that he/she would become serious and not bubbly in the days to come.

So innocent, cheerful, lively, joyous and bubbly this little kid is there, running helter-skelter, jumping in joy, dancing on music, what a wonderful little baby.

This little kid is now growing fast and in sometime will be ready to go to the school and from there this little kid will enter into the real world, none knows how or what will happen to this cute little baby of ours in the days to come, will this baby just live or live to live LIVE.

“Who doesn’t want to be the latter person”?

“Who doesn’t”?

Into the world

Our baby, Lucky has grown up and will be going have the first day in the school, meeting our other babies, having their first day out into the world, making friends, learning A for Apple, B for Banana, C for Cat and it’s all just fun.

That sweet bubbly child is still there everywhere and that innocence is still there all around, that happiness is still there all around and that capability to make others happy is still there.

So far so good…

The first step into the school is a first step into this world; it is here it all begins. Simple instructions to the sweet little kids by teachers…

Make a Line

Fold you hands, bow your head and pray

Sit quietly

Don’t make noise


Don’t throw


The changes have started and there has began a loss in the very identity and the individuality of our little baby Lucky and others like our Lucky.

For 7 billion people on this planet there are more than 7 billion unique things. In words of Srinivas Ramanujam, “ We don’t invent things, we just discover what is already there”. Ramanujam is right to the core, Gravity was not invented but discovered.

Our little baby Lucky here is either sitting quietly or is not losing his bubbly nature. If our baby had gone quiet, then that is a dent quite early in life, a big loss for all the 7 billion people on this planet.

But our baby passed and almost all other babies have passed from here and have still remained bubbly, in fact our baby has turned naughty and talkative.

Almost all pass here and we are winning till now…

A little higher

Our little baby is now ten years old and is no longer a baby. That innocence mixed with naughtiness is still present but there is a fear.

Fear of…

Little serious studies have started and the parents want our now ten year olds to learn and study, a distraction from the bubbliness and liveliness, if our ten year old does not want to study. But our Lucky’s parents here are mature enough and they know that both studies, & play are important, enjoying everything is the key.

There are some others who are not lucky as they only say one-word study.


A ten year has started to loose, losing and eating up himself/herself up from inside at the age of ten, a big blow to our don’t just live but live LIVE motto. Beginning to cut away from the world, loosing bubbliness, as this ten year is learning that studies are important and nothing else is important.

A ten year old will understand it like this, “If I don’t study mama and papa will scold me” and in the words of parents, “ If my child doesn’t study from the start, he/she will loose the war and it will be the end of the world, an apocalypse”

But our baby Lucky here is still bubbly; yes there are no stammered words now, no throwing of things in joy, no carefree dancing, there is a little shyness, but there is still a smile on Lucky and Lucky is happy.

There is a little shyness, but at times kids tend to be shy in front of strangers, but once they are friends with the other person, there is the bubbly back again.

Still a win…

The first Hit

Our Lucky is now sixteen years old and has become a little mature. Our Lucky is learning that studies are really important, Lucky’s teachers are stressing that scoring good marks is a key to good future. Lucky’s friends at the age of ten are still Lucky’s friends and they are scoring very well in their exams. Lucky has adopted studies more seriously.

Lucky doesn’t know what the future ahead is and possibly studies will help Lucky to reach a new level. Lucky still plays sport, though Lucky’s dancing has stopped.

Lucky sees poor people and thinks, “I have to study really hard and good marks”

Lucky has started to score good in examinations but does Lucky really understand what he is studying.

Oh yes…who can score without understanding what he/she is reading. Cramming also takes some serious grey matter.

Lucky is studying well but Lucky is not missing out on sports among other hobbies acquired. Athletics, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Lucky loves it all.

Lucky, though being shy is talking to all joyously who are friends with Lucky, studies are important to succeed and Lucky is doing what everybody does.

Lucky has started to miss out going to events he used to go earlier because of studies, but so what?

Studies are important, so what that sacrifices have started. Everybody has to make sacrifices and life means sacrifice.

As long as Lucky is talking to people everything seems right. Studies are just a passing phase and things will change once Lucky completes higher education and lands up in a job, but wait Lucky just turned 17, all of that is still a few years down the Lucky and why should Lucky worry about all that stuff now.

Lucky missing out on events because of studies is a small and passing phase in our motto, don’t just live but live LIVE.

Its ok

The serious time had come for Lucky…

Lucky had changed from being a bubbly little kid born eighteen years back to a person engrossed in  studies. Lucky had developed a sense that it’s ok to make sacrifices for studies and whatever Lucky wants to do in his life he can do it once he gets into a decent college and completes his degree.

Lucky became a little more serious, thinking its ok and that this is just a passing phase. All the friends of Lucky were studying. There were some friends of Lucky who were less serious but Lucky thought its ok.

Lucky used to think studies at this point are important and that he can decide latter what actually does he like and what does actually he wants in like.

No problem and it’s ok, there is a lot of time left…

No problem…

It’s Ok…

There is a lot of time Left…

For Lucky, studies now meant everything because he wanted to do good and succeed and it wasn’t possible without studies.

Lucky’s friends used to call him for recreational activities but Lucky used to tell them…

You Go…

Not Know…

Lucky believed he was doing the right thing but only time knew the answer.

Just a few more years

Lucky had reached the college, new people, and a new life. By this time Lucky had become a little shy so it took sometime for Lucky to be friends with new people. It took some time but Lucky made friends with a few.

Lucky got hold of new college books, they looked daunting, but it was ok, Lucky thought so. Lucky thought that he would make it by giving more time to studies and having more focus and there is time to figure out what he likes and what he wishes to do later, studies first.

And as usual with the habit of studying and sacrificing that Lucky had developed, he got seriously involved in his studies.

Examinations knocked on the door and Lucky gave his exams, a few days later the results were out, Lucky’s score was ok. Lucky’ saw the scores of others and built a conception as what is considered as a good score.

Lucky thought some more hard work is needed and if he becomes a university topper, things will be different for him and that people will pick him for important tasks rather than he running after people.

Lucky saw many people in his college playing and learning music, and doing other extra curricular activities, but Lucky thought he can do all that stuff later and right now the priority is getting good marks.

Examinations were back again knocking on the door, Lucky gave his exams and his scores improved but still not university topper.

Time was passing and as it happens, time to secure a job and start earning and Lucky got a job.

Something Professional

So a new beginning for Lucky, another new life. Lucky’s first day at his office. He met a whole new lot, he met “Boss” for the first time, the piece of advise given by boss, “ Focus on your career is very important, you can do whatever you want latter but right now work hard and spend time learning”

Lucky was 22 years old now and Lucky talked to himself…

“Is time there to find out what I wish to do”?

“I would want to learn to play music, is there enough time”?

“I would want to learn photography, is there enough time”?

“I would want to want travel around the world, meet new people, is there enough time”?

Lucky kept on fighting with himself on the inside and telling himself that he will get sufficient time to do whatever he wants. Lucky thought that he is just 22 years old and there is a lot of time. Right now as the boss told, focus should be career.

Years have passed after that and Lucky is still the same, asking the same old questions…

“Is time there to find out what I wish to do”?

“I would want to learn to play music, is there enough time”?

“I would want to learn photography, is there enough time”?

“I would want to want travel around the world, meet with new people, is there enough time”?

Lucky is still alive but he is just living…

Just living, without his passions, because he just postponed to…

May be later…



Our Lucky was born as bubbly little guy. He grew up, time flowed, sometimes fast and sometimes time just stopped. He kept on telling himself a few things…

“It’s Ok”

“No Problem”

“Yes, there is time, you can do it later”

Our boy Lucky here taught us a lot of life lessons, never say later, never say it’s ok for what you want in life, yes being practical is important and so is knowing when and where to actually say ok. You would not want to become into a person who would just live and not live LIVE.

Almost everybody thinks the Lucky way and then there comes a time, when actually there is no time left.

When a person has a passion or develops a passion or keeps thinking about developing a passion and when he/she doesn’t get that then the person gets mad the whole of his/her life.

Never delay, do what you want to do. Almost everybody is fed up with the things happening around and there are only a few who are really happy and are doing whatever they do by choice.

Whenever you do things by your choice, you are happy and those who are happy can do a lot of others and we need a few people like those in the population of 6 billion.

Life is not just getting born, going to school and studying, going to college and studying more harder, getting a job and working to establish yourself, getting married, having kids, watching them grow up, watching them get married, playing with your grandkids and then die…

Or is it?

Or do you want to be a Lucky?

There are many Lucky’s around and as Shakespeare said, “What’s in the name?”

The name Lucky here didn’t prove to be so lucky after all.Shakespeare was right…

Do It

Things around us give us an indication and this happens to each and every person, most of us miss it while there are very few who see the indication and grab it.

Everyday life hits us, without we realizing that we are being hit and then there comes a day where we loose it all. There is pain, there is suffering and this eats us from the inside.

Our pain and suffering kill us each passing day and when we don’t do it on time we are just mere spectators of the hits life takes on us.

We can’t even live then leave alone live LIVE. None has understood life.

Oh yes, one day everybody has to die but until one dies there is life and let not life hit you.

Don’t do it because it has to be done, do it because you want to do it.

It’s tough, but keep trying

Keep Trying…

Oh yes, there will be questions by others, numerous un-ending questions.

“What are your plans”?

“Till when”?

“You are in a job, that is it, why more”?

Nobody knows how long he/she is going to live, but if a person lives for 75 years and living 75 years with pain and suffering, this is no good. In this case un-knowingly you might do harm to other.

There is too much of pain and suffering and those who have a job, leave their dreams behind and those who don’t have a job and carry out their survival by doing menial jobs, two shifts a day.

Life is not easy, but grab what comes your way, don’t delay. Nobody knows what your big break could and could be among those who live LIVE.

Just be happy and you will get what you want, there may delays but that thing, that person is coming to you as fast as possible, all you have to do is hold tight and be happy and try to live LIVE and not just live.


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