The local street musicians

There are over 6500 or so spoken languages all over the world. Tough for anybody to know so many languages and yet there is something common among these 6500 languages and that is Music. Music is something that enthrals us all. On one hand there are the big stage performers and for their one show we shell out thousands and then on the other hand there are the street performers. These street performers earn their living provided they find a benefactor who listens to their music and gives them a few bucks in return.

Two years back I was in Paris and I came across many music performers, some on street while some on the metro, some by choice and some did this for charity. I came across one person, who used to come at a specific time, everyday at Passage de Abbess and sang while playing music on his guitar and I was told that he had a normal job but he did this for he likes it and whatever he earned from this, 50% he kept for himself and the rest went to church. Cheers to such a wonderful person. But in the end not everyone has a job and there are others for whom this music is a job. What I say is that post every singing performance almost all the listeners and passerby gave these singers a few cents and so did I. This was Paris.

Just a few days back I was in Delhi and while I was on my way to the market to get some bread and butter, I came across one person who was going from gate of one residential complex to other playing some mellifluous tunes on a flute. And believe me this person was doing some wonderful music as the tunes he was playing was while carrying on his shoulder a big holder contains flutes intended for selling, so this musician was the other kind as music was his means of livelihood . My moments in Paris came across my eyes and I stopped by and started listening to him and kept following him for around 20 minutes. Many people came out of the residential complex and there were many passersby but none bothered to give the flute player any money, or show some respect to music, leave alone the buying. After, sometime I went to this person gave him some 20 bucks, told him that he is playing very well. I asked him about him and he told me that he does this every day. In the end I smiled, nodded my head and I went away and this person (I never asked his name) got back to his work, going from one point to other playing his flute.

In the end there were just a few things that come in my mind, had it been Michael Jackson, or Spice Girls people would have surrounded them but this was not case in Paris. Why it is in Paris the things were different, why is it in Paris the performance of the local street musicians was applauded and why is it the things are different in Delhi, after all it Music.

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