Smile & Say Thank You


We sleep peacefully, only because some are awake for us. In our childhood, it is our mother who is awake for us , so that we can sleep. When we cross our childhood and start to study, it is our father who is awake for us, to help us with our studies. When are facing problems it is our friends, who are awake for us.

But, there is one particular lot which is always awake for us no matter at what stage we are in our life and this lot comprises of our security forces, the Border Security Force, The Army, The Navy, The Air Force, The Rapid Action Force.


Next time whenever you meet anyone of these people , say them hello and a Thank you, greet them and tell them that they are doing a Great Job.

These people have made so many personal sacrifices, they stay away from their family, they work in harsh conditions, sleep is considered very important and sometimes these people sleep very little so that we can sleep and be at peace. There are very few who make sacrifices for others.

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