The GateKeeper


Most of us have been to a hotel, a restaurant, a roadside dhabha, a farmhouse or a party. We eat there, we enjoy there and some of us even tip the waiters. But, just before entering all of these places there is a person in the form of doorman or THE GATEKEEPER, who is always standing for us to open and close the door.  We enjoy our moments at a party, or a restaurant. We smile and talk to whosoever is inside but we forget this one person.

When our feet hurt, we just find a place and sit down but this Gatekeeper is always, all the time standing no matter what. So, next time you are at a restaurant or a party just DON’T FORGET this humble Gatekeeper, who smiles and welcomes you to a hotel or a restaurant or a similar place and also says goodbye to you when you leave.

He may be just at the Gate but he is much more for the attention he pays towards us.

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  1. Kristen says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!


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