Not Everyone has a Degree


There are many learning centers all over the world. Taxila and Nalanda were the ancient learning centers and now we have the MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley. Some of us here are engineers, some are doctors, PhDs and some are academicians and with a few more here we just stop. Indeed, to do a PhD takes a lot of perseverance and hard work but not all the people have chance to do a PhD, leave PhD alone not many get a chance to do some form of higher education.

You meet many people across all walks of life but there are some who leave a deep impact on you and tell you how to live, not just how to live but how to live with a smile. These persons may not be engineers or doctors or academician but they are much more. They are one of kind as they do their work or research in real world practical life situations to come up with solutions. So, a person with no degree is also one of a kind, rarest of rare gems can be found among these.

Try and apply to a company and every company asks for your degree unless you are an absolute and somehow hacked into these companies systems and they realized your potential and Hire. Else you are in bad luck.

But, those who don’t have a degree they actually have a bigger degree than a PhD, the degree of how to face life without a degree.

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