Making of a Sportsperson

Athletics, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Cycling, and Cricket- almost each one of has participated or played in one or more of these sports at some point in our life. Some of us played for fun and just moved on with our lives in the corporate world to earn big bucks and yearn for a high standard of living. But, there are some among us who have taken their love for sports further.
Almost all are glued to their TV set when a Cricket World Cup or a Football World or Olympics are in place. There are many sporting events that takes place and Olympics is treated as the biggest amongst all. One thing is common amongst all these sporting events i.e., it brings people together, strangers become friends and friends for life. Where we win, its fanfare and boisterous joy making but where we lose there is just fuss and complaint. But we fail to see the back story; we don’t see how hard that sportsperson has trained, we don’t see how a sportsperson has reached at this level, all we see is the number of medals won by us and compare it with that of the topper.
And we come across these people in every walk of our life.

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