Kudos to the Real Food People


Some of us are big time foodies, we just love eating all types of food ranging from the italian pizza, momos, mexican nachos, the mumbai vada pav, the very special indian samosa or singada as know at a few places in india and a very popular food the whole world eats, the bread. There is no end to this list.

It all sounds delicious doesn’t it. From the chefs at the 5 star hotels to the street food vendors all are doing a fabulous job. We throng to these people if we like the food these people cook. But let us put our hands together for a lot all over the world that actually is the prime generator of what we eat, love to eat, our very own farmer.

Getting up 4 a.m in the morning for the sowing season, looking after the crops like own child, not allowing even a small part of the produce going waste, working in scorching sun. Our Farmers.

Kudos to them…

All Image Shot from Nexus 5 phone








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